Concour Restoration

The term concours is used quite freely. What it should mean is returning the car to it's original factory condition. In many cases with Porsches the quality of the paint in areas such as the front hood compartment, rear engine compartment and belly pan were not consistent when produced. The quality of the paint in these areas many times was thin and had overspray. 911 models thru 1971 were blacked out on the bottom, hood and engine compartment areas after they were lightly painted with body color.

We have found in our many years of restoration that concours is in the eyes of the beholder. Frequently when a client refers to wanting a concours restoration, what he really means is that he wants it restored to his vision of concours and in most cases this involves over restoration.

This type of restoration is billed on time and materials basis only. We will be glad to give you a rough idea of what these costs could entail, however the cost will reflect your vision of how you want the car. Typically, this would start with a CPR Certified restoration.