Introducing the CPR ST from CPR’s Special Projects Division

CPR’s experience spans over forty years restoring cars to factory-or-better condition with a strong eye toward originality but we have some exciting news.

We have recently completed our exhibition/development ST build and are confident we can produce a product with more provenance than short-hood-based cars and at a competitive price while maintaining the utmost quality. We have limited availability for clients who have been considering a performance build but are uninterested in utilizing a modified later chassis and are looking for a period design ethos built majority in-house by a skilled team of artisans. In short: a factory long-hood performance car built from a classic chassis to your exact specifications.

What we offer in comparison to other shops is the decades of old-world knowledge and craftsmanship we can impart on a vintage shell. CPR’s ST is built from a 1972 or 1973 base chassis due to its improvements over the 1969-1971 chassis. The typical build comprises steel ST flares, a steel front bumper fit and modified by our craftsmen with hand-routed oil cooling slots, and steel rear bumper corners expertly crafted to match the curves of the ST’s flares. Paint is client’s choice- while we recommend factory colors, we can mix any color possible. Various decal packages were available throughout the years and we’re always willing to work with clients to evoke certain period livery and deliver the exact combination their mind’s eye has devised. Fuel filler can be in the stock location, under the hood or through the hood. Trim is usually anodized in-house but we can plate if the client prefers. Our job is to make you look back every time you walk away.

The Interior

The interior can be made as original, utilizing original materials but finished to an extremely high standard. All CPR ST builds offer the client the ability to stay within period, incorporate earlier design touches, incorporate later design touches or go off the beaten path entirely with unique materials and designs for all aspects of the interior build. Performance upgrades such as an integrated roll cage, integrated roll bar, chassis stiffening, stitch welding or a simple, period, roll bar are available and within CPR’s scope of capabilities. This is your cockpit, your command center and your office; when you’re ready to do work, you want your surroundings to be so comfortable as to disappear and when you’re enjoying a coffee with friends after the drive or an adult beverage in your garage, you want your interior to impress.

The Engine

Engine work is essentially unlimited. Whether the option is a lightweight, 7400rpm magnesium-cased, carbureted performance build or a 3.4-liter mechanically-fuel-injected engine with aftermarket internals, we can build it. Have you heard the term “slide valve” and are interested why it’s spoken of in reverent tones? We can help. Engines are the heart of a machine and as such are highly personal- we need to talk to you to build exactly what you want.

The Suspension

Suspension and brakes make your four contact patches more than the sum of their coverage. Our ST builds utilize the same general suspension design that won races for decades, but aren’t limited to the same technology- we can offer factory-style suspension to those who wish to recreate times past or we can offer advanced damping curves and bleed characteristics to make the most of pockmarked roads. From full-rubber to full-race, we offer and can build it all. Brakes are specified according to tire sizing and compound as well as the car’s usage and driver’s preference. Tires and wheels are open, although we’re partial to 15” diameter using Michelin TB15 tires.


Optional extras such as air conditioning, luggage and truly unique modifications can be discussed during your consultation. Modern electric air conditioning reduces the normal weight gain and power loss while increasing efficiency.

Contact CPR today at (760) 723-8900 to discuss your build with our client relations specialists. Due to the personalized and time-consuming nature of these builds, we are placing a hard limit on the number of builds we will undertake at 10 examples of which three are already spoken for.


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