1955 Porsche 356 Speedster

Stock Number 2363

Now available from CPR Classic is this rare and captivating 1955 Pre-A Speedster. Painted in its factory correct Speedster Blue over a Tan interior, this car shows as an excellent example and piece of Porsche History.

In 1953 the US importer (Hoffman) convinced the ​Porsche ​factory that a stripped-down car with a low, curved windscreen and a lightweight hood selling for under $3,000 ​had the potential to be a great success​. The Pre-A Speedster was born, first coming in only 3 colors​:​ Red,​ ​White​,​ and Blue​. Of these factory colors,​ blue ​resulted in the lowest production ​with just 200 Speedsters ​being built in 1955. ​With such a limited production and unique profile, ​the Speedster ​became a ​great sales success in the USA for the small manufacturer.

This ​1955 Pre-A Speedster is one of those​ early few​ from the first Red, White, and Blue runs​. This car was ​first sold ​on the East Coast of the United States and then sold to its second owner in Kansas who stored the car away for more than 30 years. The car was ​then ​sold to its last registered owner who, over the next few years, painstakingly proceeded with the restoration. The car was restored in its original Speedster ​Blue exterior​ ​over its original Tan interior ​and ​top.​ In 2018 the car was sent to Porsche experts at Autobahn Interiors and CPR Classic to finish the interior work and complete the assembly.​ ​​The interior and top were ​​done ​in original German material by famed Porsche hallmark expert,​ Tony Garcia of Autobahn interiors​.​ ​Later it arrived at CPR Classic ​where​ the assembly ​was completed as well as sorting of​ the car to the highest standards. The car is fitted with its original numbers-matching engine and has a correct 1955 Porsche H5 AABA geared transmission.

​This rare piece of Porsche history has been ​completed to the highest standards and is a CPR Certified car coming with CPR's limited warranty. The car is competitively priced and is ready to drive anywhere and enjoy.

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