Pre-Purchase Inspection

CPR Classic performs comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections. Because we have complete body and mechanical shops where we perform our remanufactured quality restorations, we are uniquely qualified to perform a PPI on any Porsche. Our mechanics are among the best in the business. They are intimately familiar with each and every mechanical system on early Porsches. Each day they rebuild and assemble early Porsches from the shell up.

Our body men are equally as talented. Most of the cars that they encounter on a daily basis are dismantled to the shell and completely restored to factory specifications. As such they are intimately familiar with every nut and bolt on every early Porsche.

Most shops specialize in either the body or the mechanicals. Body men are not good at analyzing mechanicals, and mechanics are not very good at analyzing bodys. This nessecitates taking your car to 2 shops, an inconvenience nobody needs.

We provide a true one stop solution to all your PPI needs.

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CPR is an independently owned and operated business and is not affiliated with Dr. Ing. h.c.F, Porsche AG or Porsche Cars of North America, Inc. Click here to connect to the Official Porsche Website.