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Welcome to CPR Classic

CPR, California's Porsche restoration company, is an independently owned and operated business and is not affiliated with Dr. Ing. h.c.F, Porsche AG or Porsche Cars of North America, Inc. Click here to connect to the Official Porsche Website.

Porsche 356 and 911 restoration has been our business for over 40 years and we have restored some of the best cars in the world. CPR specializes in air-cooled Porsche 356, early Porsche 911 and Porsche 912.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with a one-stop resource for the complete rebuilding of these models. Whether it is a thorough restoration or minor repair you can be sure that it will be done to original factory standards by Porsche experts.

Factory parts are always used when available and if we cannot source original parts, we use the best quality reproduction and restored parts.

Our family is committed to the preservation of Porsche's wonderful cars. We do not do Turbo clones or slant noses. When we do wheel flare upgrades or tribute cars we prefer not to deviate from the original style designed by Porsche. We will gladly reverse any incorrect modifications and return your car to factory specifications.

New Arrivals (February 25, 2019)

1969 Porsche 911 T Targa

Now available from CPR Classic is this stunning 1969 Porsche 911T Targa finished in its factory correct color combination of Irish Green over a Black interior. Production was completed on this Targa in June 20th, 1969; shortly afterwards it was delivered to its first owner in California. Upon arrival at the dealer, the car was outfitted with the dealer optional “Koolaire” system that the car still retains to this day...

1994 Porsche 964 C4 Widebody Coupe

Introducing this stunning 1994 Porsche 964 factory Widebody C4 Coupe. The car is a very limited production Porsche 911 that was built for and delivered to North America for one year only. In total, only 267 North American factory wide-body 964’s were delivered...

1951 Porsche 356 Cabriolet Split Window

CPR Classic is delighted to present a rare opportunity to own an extremely early Porsche 356. This 1951 Porsche 356 Split-Window 1300cc Cabriolet is a stunning fully restored example that is finished in its original color combination of Pascha Red over a Beige leather interior...

1994 Porsche 911 993 Supercup Racecar

Introducing this stunning, first-year Porsche 993 Supercup racecar that was built to compete in the Porsche one-make Supercup racing series across Europe. The car is one of only 40 Supercup racecars built in 1994 and is one of just 3 VIP Specification cars. The 993 Supercup was built until 1997 with only 216 total cars produced in this time period. The Supercup also received a larger engine than its sister streetcar, having been fitted with a 3.8L flat six that produces 310hp and 266lbs of torque...

1972 Porsche 911 S Targa

Now available from CPR Classic is this 1972 Porsche 911S Targa (Silver/Red), fresh out of a CPR Ground-Up Restoration. For the model year 1972, Porsche built 12,962 "911" model cars. Of those, only 1,750 were S coupes and just 989 were S-spec Targas. The 911S model produced 210HP and is highly sought after...

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We've Expanded

In order to better serve our current and future clients, we've expanded our facilities. Our Restoration Department is still located at 309 Industrial Way in Fallbrook, CA and can be reached by phone at (760) 731-1253 and (760) 723-8689.

Our Sales Department is now located at 501 Industrial Way, Fallbrook, CA and can be reached at (760) 723-8900.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you!

Porsche 911 RS

We specialize in Porsche 911 RS restoration and sales.Click here to view our 911RS in stock.

A New Class Of Restoration

CPR Classic is proud to offer a new class of restoration, after 40+ years of restoration work on early (65 to 73) Long Hood cars. We have learned there are many versions of the "Fully Restored" cars out there. Frankly in most cases they have been made pretty but few seem to address the real problems, which are that these 39 to 47 year old cars were never meant to last anywhere near this long. Simply due to their age, most of these cars need some form of restoration.

Porsche clearly takes the position that they never thought these cars would be around after 25 years, let alone this long, which speaks volumes of the quality that originally went into these cars. Porsche has recognized this and is now offering factory restorations for these cars in Germany at prices exceeding 150,000 USD. To this end Porsche is now remanufacturing a great number of parts which for many years have not been available. Currently over 80% of the parts used by CPR are factory original. CPR Classic (CPR) is offering a Remanufactured Quality Restoration.

Remanufactured Quality Restoration addresses all systems as follows

Each car is stripped to the bare tub removing all component parts. The car is then placed on a rotisserie. The body and all removed panels are stripped to bare metal and restored or replaced to the original factory quality prior to any application of protective coatings or paint. To prevent future rust issues black etching primer is applied to all surfaces, the tub and all panels are then coated with zinc oxide primer to all metal surfaces and blocked. All body panels are then reinstalled on the body. All gaps are adjusted to factory standards and then a hardened second primer is then applied, blocked and then reapplied until all panels fit perfectly and the body is arrow straight.

The panels are once again removed and the tub and all panels and bumpers are sealed using the latest in low-VOC etching primers that are environmentally friendly. The panels and tub are re-undercoated using the latest hard finish undecoating product from Wurth GMBH. The complete bottom of the car is then refinished in body color or Satin Black DCC depending on what was original or as color preferred by the client.

The tub is then transferred to a Porshe designed body dolly-jig. The complete bottom of the tub is then masked and the tub and all exterior panels are refinished with 5 thin uniform coats of single stage on solid colors and 2 stage for original metallic paint code colors in our state-of-the-art Binks down draft heated booth.

The tub and all panels are then baked in our Binks oven assuring a quality chip resistant finish. The tub and all panels are then color sanded with 1000 grit, then 1500 grit and then buffed to a mirror finish.

All hardware is either replaced or cad plated to original finish. Complete front axle and rear axle assemblies are powder coated and all bushings, bearings, seals, brakes, rotors, calipers, and brake lines are replaced or restored to factory new or better standards.

Factory original wheels are sent to Al Reed and restored to new factory original finish and 5 new period correct radials are installed.

All interiors are restored completely to factory new standards by Tony Garcia's Autobahn Interiors located in Sorrento Valley, California or a company of the client's choosing.

The complete power train is overhauled as needed including ignition system, fuel system, engine, transmission, and clutch assembly to new standards. All bright work is polished, restored or replaced. The exhaust system (including heater boxes) is restored or replaced based on condition. All engine seals are replaced with Porsche factory new parts and all hardware is replated or replaced. All body seals are replaced with Porsche factory new seals. All bulbs and fuses are replaced and light assemblies are restored or replaced based on condition. All wiring is inspected and tested and we replace any worn or defective wiring or connectors with factory new.

Literally every part of the car is addressed. To do a restoration that is this complete on one car at a time has been very costly and could take years to complete. We here at CPR Classic, by approaching this strictly as a remanufacturing process, do basically the same work on a number of cars at the same time which allows us to purchase the needed parts and materials in volume from Porsche and other venders. It also affords us the ability to employ specialists dedicated to their area of expertise so that each workman is repeatedly performing the same process. Practice makes perfect!

Our RESTORATION WORKS is broken up into 6 dedicated workshops:

Shop 1: Disassembly: Where each Porsche is taken apart, surveyed and inventoried. Each component is then sent to the appropriate workshop or outside vender for restoration.

Shop 2: Metal and Fabrication: Where the tub and body panels are repaired or replaced and all fabrication work is done.

Shop 3: Body Prep: With its own dedicated spray booth to prevent contamination where the tub and all body parts are prepped etched, primed and blocked to factory new standards and undercoating is applied.

Shop 4: The Paint Department: With a Binks downdraft heated booth where final finishes are applied.

Shop 5: Mechanical: Where mechanical repairs are performed to cars and components are restored.

Shop 6: Assembly and Electrical: Where final assembly takes place and all needed electrical repairs are performed.

We take enormous pride in our restorations and the products and services we provide, and know that you'll find what you need for your Porsche here at CPR. We also provide custom services tailered to your needs. Call or e-mail and let us know what you're looking for or are interested in. We look forward to doing business with you!

If you are looking for a classic Porsche for sale, we carry the largest selection of quality vintage Porsches in the United States. Please come visit us in charming Fallbrook, we would love to show you our facility and our wonderful selection of early Porsches.

CPR is an independently owned and operated business and is not affiliated with Dr. Ing. h.c.F, Porsche AG or Porsche Cars of North America, Inc. Click here to connect to the Official Porsche Website.